Optimizing the effectiveness of health cues, health claims, and nutrition labels on product packaging

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The objective of the project is to identity ways in which nutrition and healthrelated information on product packages can be made more effective. In order to accomplish this, the project will assess the effects on consumer perception, attention, information processing, understanding, and choice behaviour of a wide variety of health cues and other information element on product packages, and identify optimal combinations of them. Furthermore, the project will investigate the degree to which the effectiveness of health cues depends on product categories, other package design element, and inter-individual differences between consumers. The project will utilise a number of methods developed in cognitive science, including computational modelling of perceptual sailency in complex visual stimuli, objective methods of attention mesaurement (eye-tracking), and reaction-time based methods of concept activation and interference (priming and stroop paradigms). These methods will be combined with conventional preference mapping and choice modelling techniques. By combining these techniques, it will be possible to obtain objective assessments of consumer interest in health claims, and the effect of such interest on product preference and actual product choice. All studies will be conducted with dairy foods as example cases. The project is co-finaced by Arla Foods amba.
AkronymJacob Lund Orquin, PhD
Effektiv start/slut dato01/02/200931/01/2012

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