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Optimizing climate and production services of cover crops in organic arable rotations

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Cover crops (CC) provide essential ecosystem and production services in arable organic farming. These services relate to reduced environmental impacts through lower nitrate leaching, reduced climate impacts through enhanced soil carbon sequestration although N2O emissions may not always be reduced, and enhanced soil fertility through positive effects on soil organic matter and microbiology. The possibilities for managing these effects are currently not well understood. and there are inadequate tools for farmers to evaluate services and benefits of CC. CCRotate will enhance the knowledge of the climate and production services of CC through literature review, use of long-term experimentation and through a targeted three-year field experiment aims at quantifying carbon and nitrogen fluxes of a range of CC species and species mixtures, including potential biological nitrification inhibition for lowering N2O emissions. A camera system will be developed to help farmers quantify in-field variation in CC quantify and quality. Improved farmer recommendations on the targeting of CC species and mixtures and their management in cropping systems will be distributed to enhance climate and production values. CCRotate is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 57,400 ton CO2-eq/yr. The project is expected to generate extra crop yield worth 54.7 mill. DKK and form the basis for marketing of a camera system for valuing CC with a value of 11 mill. DKK annually.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/202031/12/2023

ID: 202532107