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Økofaba: Nutritional value and exploitation of Faba beans in organic production

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  • Pure Dansk ApS
  • Danish Technological Institute
  • Centre Georges-Francois Leclerc
  • Universite de Caen
  • Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer
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In the ØkoFaba project, we want to examine a long range of organically grown varieties of Faba beans for the contents of protein and amino acids, as well as macro- and micro-nutrients, as these can vary between varieties and growing conditions. Furthermore, we want to investigate how these variations affect the physical and functional properties of Faba beans during processing e.g. in relation to plant-based drinks or meat substitutes. Furthermore, the effect of extraction (e.g. wet/dry extraction, milling, high temperatures, etc.) on the nutritional quality of the final product will be explored relative to aggregate formation, cross-linking and/or reduction of the content of anti-nutritional factors.

The specific aims of the project
• Investigate the importance of varieties and annual variation on the nutritional quality of Faba beans
• Explain variations in the raw material and its importance for functionality and processing
• Ensure good yields and optimal protein quality for healthy plant-based foods
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/202231/12/2023

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