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Nitrogen sources for Arctic freshwaters

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  • Pastor Oliveras, Ada (PI)
  • Riis, Tenna (PI)
  • Gimenez Grau, Pau (PI)
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The main aim of Nitrofresh is to assess the N sources for streams and the linkages between terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems across different regions with continuous permafrost in High Arctic. In particular, we have three objectives: (1) to quantify and characterize N pools along the riparian-stream continuum, (2) to determine the amount of available N for biological assimilation (i.e. gross ammonification), and (3) to evaluate the main drivers of N pools and processes (i.e. vegetation, lithology, soil type and geomorphology).
NitroFresh will provide relevant ecological information on the ecosystem function at the terrestrial-freshwater interface, which is relevant to understand how biogeochemical processes and exports respond to climate change.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/03/202130/04/2022

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