New Management, New Identities? Danish University Reform in an International Perspective (NewMI)

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    This Project explores the reform of universities in Denmark, in terms of the impact of new models of governance, and the systems of management and control that arise from them. It also takes into account the ways in which these phenomena are changing the professional identities of those working and studying within Danish universities.
    Four questions will be explored in the project
    How did the 2003 Danish University law evolve and what are its intended effects on universities?
    As the law's standardised reforms encounter the historical and organisational contexts of different universities, how are its key words and provisions discussed, adapted, contested, determined and institutionalised?
    What changes do managers, academics, support staff and students perceive in the construction of their roles, the experience of their work, and their relations to each other?
    How do they negotiate with such changes and what are the effects on their professional identity?
    Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/200401/11/2008


    • Forskningsrådet for Samfund og Erhverv: 3.200.000,00 kr.


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