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National Konsensus om Kommunikationsundervisning i den Prægraduate Lægeuddannelse

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The goal of this project is to establish consensus regarding desired core curricular content in communication for undergraduate medical education, based on a national collaborative process involving all 4 universities with medical schools. The project will result in a prioritized list of core content areas for communication training in medical school in Denmark. This consensus will facilitate enhanced opportunities for collaboration, research and the sharing of materials between universities, with the ultimate goal of providing better and more uniform training in patient-doctor communication for all Danish medical students. Each university will subsequently consider the consensus list in the evaluation their own communication content and, subsequently, establish their curricular plan, with complete freedom to use all, part or none of the results. The protocol is based on the Delphi method which is a well-established and structured group process for achieving consensus among individuals with interest and expertise in a particular area. The study will identify and engage stakeholders representing all relevant interests and geographic areas in Denmark.

A steering committee has been established for this project and is comprised of representatives from all 4 universities:
Ålborg – Mette Johansen (director of undergraduate medical education)
Århus – Louise Binow Kjær (senior consultant, course director) og Kamilla Pedersen (PhD student, consultant)
København – Kirsten Engel (physician consultant, CAMES)
Odense – Katrine Schønnemann (physician/clinical lecturer)

Research Question
Which content areas should be prioritized in the medical school curriculum to ensure the development of basic communication skills in clinical practice among Danish physicians?
Kort titelNational konsensus
Effektiv start/slut dato04/06/201828/06/2019

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