Musico-emotional styles in Aarhus during the long 1970s

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My postdoc project delves into the emotional dynamics and spatial environments of discos and popular music venues in Aarhus during the so-called 'long 1970s' (circa 1965-1985). It investigates the role of a handful of venues in shaping, defining, and sometimes excluding culturally diverse and globally mediated emotional expressions within the local context.

Specifically, the project studies the (material and mediated) emotional styles associated with symbols and genres of popular music that played pivotal roles in shaping contemporary mainstream and youth culture.

Beyond mere leisure activities, these styles are examined as social mechanisms to challenge or critique contemporary norms, redefine social class, and negotiate identity markers related to gender, class, and ethnicity.

Thus, by analysing their global mediation, local reinterpretations, and emotional expressions in spatial environments, the project explores how these styles have influenced emotional norms and behaviour and redefined social imaginations
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/202431/12/2025


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