Menstruating Subjects, Bodily Becomings and Everyday life

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The research project explores how menstruation matters to young girls´ bodily becoming and which (im)possibilities this brings in their everyday lives.
The research is based on 9 months of fieldwork in a youth club and a school and with this outset in ethnographic research and a focus on gender, material-ity and affect, the project is situated in the intersection of educational anthropology and feminist materialist gender and girlhood studies. It considers menstruation as relational and as an entanglement of space, time and materialities such as bodies, blood, fluids, pads, toilets and clothes. It is within this entanglement, young subjects with menstrual cycles become through embodied, affective and gendered processes of sameness and difference.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/201521/04/2021


  • Menstruation, Gender, Everyday life, Young adults, The body, Materiality, Menstruators , Blood, Puberty , Feminist materialist theory, Posthuman knowledge, Feminist sexual difference theory, Youth, Girls, Sexuality, sexual education

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