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Markedsdrevet, højværdi økologisk kødproduktion med robuste dyr

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  • University of Aberystwyth
  • BOKU, Wien
  • MTT, Helsinki
  • BOKU
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With the aim to increase the production and market share of organic meat (pork, poultry and young beef), an integrated research and development effort will take place along the food chain (primary production, product development and marketing). The hypothesis is that this product segment is presently underdeveloped due to incompatibility between production costs/consumer prices and the experienced quality of the products, and that this incompatibility primarily should be overcome by adding quality in a broad sense to the organic meat products. Among the immaterial qualities are that the animals are healthy as well as robust, are free-ranged, and is more integrated in the land use (relying to a large extent on on-farm resources) than actually present. In the project these qualities are investigated, while at the same time focusing on appearance, new cuts, taste and technological quality of the final product, including consumer perceptions and preferences. Specifically we will investigate how much foraging can contribute to the nutritional needs for pigs and poultry and its interaction with genotype, age at slaughter and product quality, how the quality of the sward and genotype affect product quality in young intact bulls, how the free range impact upon animal robustness, how marketing strategies can be formed complying with consumer perceptions, and how such production strategies support a profitable high-value production along with environmental benefits. This is expected to stimulate to more diversified meat products, a higher total organic meat production and consequently a higher organic share of total meat consumption.
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