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The Manufactory project aims to establish a growth technology centre that will build a bridge between knowledge and production and thus strengthen the competitiveness of the Danish manufacturing industry. The centre will support companies in increasing their innovative capacity and technological understanding by providing access to specialised knowledge and resources.

Manufactury unfolds in three phases 1. Pilot project, 2. Establishment, and 3. Operation. AU is leading the pilot project with activities such as testing project processes and new forms of collaboration between knowledge institutions and companies in the Midwest region, along with developing the strategic, economic and organisational plans for the centre.

The project is funded by the Danish Industry Foundation, and the partner consortium consists of Business Skive, Bæredygtig Herning, DAMRC, Danish Sound Cluster, Dansk AM Hub, Digital Transformation Lab, Herningsholm Erhvervsskole, Klimatorium, Lifestyle & Design Cluster, Aarhus University (Engineering and BSS represented by DBD) and 20 companies.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/202231/12/2023