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MACSUR2, A detailed climate change risk assessment for European agriculture and food security, in collaboration with international projects

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FACCE MACSUR aggregates research groups specialized on modelling grasslands, livestock, crops, farms, and agricultural trade. Researchers explore jointly how climate change will affect regional farming systems and food production in Europe and what adaptation and mitigation options exist.
In the first phase of FACCE MACSUR (June 2012-May 2015), we put emphasis on activities supporting the networking of scientists across and within the crop, grassland, dairy/livestock, farm,
and socio-economic modelling communities. We achieved a greater understanding of the requirements of different existing approaches used in the modelling communities. At Theme level inventories and descriptions of available models served as basis for an agreement on core scenario assumptions for
modelling activities across all three Themes in MACSUR, and on the definition of research priorities, e.g. crop rotations, uncertainty, stochastic economic models, grassland quality, representative agricultural pathways, farm-scale GHG emissions. These activities resulted in joint scientific publications, training workshops, and new collaborations within MACSUR and with scientists outside MACSUR.
In the remaining time until May 2015 we will summarise our results for presentations to policymakers and farmers as a base for soliciting further inputs from them. Concrete steps for engagement with stakeholders are planned at European level and in several countries.
In MACSUR2 we intend to build upon the strong links established by networking in MACSUR1 and strive for even greater precision in the scientific work of Theme activities. We will use models,
techniques and methodologies already improved during MACSUR1, to carry out a new state-ofthe-art Europe-wide climate change risk assessment for farming and food security. The
methodology of upscaling of integrated models to European scale builds on the results of MACSUR1.
This level of integration is therefore the pinnacle of the work of MACSUR2. Given the scientific excellence of the Knowledge Hub we will address to a greater extent the interests of policymakers and the agro-food chain, especially farmers. For the implementation of MACSUR2 we will solicit and use input from our dialogue with stakeholders already gained in the 1st phase of
MACSUR and continued along with the progress of the 2nd phase of MACSUR.
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