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Machian Epistemology in European Science Education

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  • Ernst Mach Institute for Philosophy of Science Germany
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Europe has a common - though hidden - idea of science education. A joint idea of science education was developed by researchers from many European countries in the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The two world wars then disturbed the development and the common understanding of it. Many successors to this idea survived through the World Wars in Europe and also - through emigration - in other parts of the world. But their joint origin and many dimensions of the original idea have been lost in their characteristics and shadings in different countries. Nevertheless, the set of ideas2 is not lost completely. They do not have to be re-imported from the USA, as initially assumed. This project will attempt to recover the original European idea and see, how its different dimensions can be enculturated and re-enculturated into different European cultures in order to serve as a common idea on science education once again. It was found that the Finnish science education system is currently closest to these ideas with respect to the Machian way of education and a gestalt psychology (which has its roots in Mach and is thereby largely consistent with Machian epistemology) specification by the gestalt psychologist Eino Kaila. Due to its empirical success in the PISA study (consistent top rank in Europe), this part of the Finnish science education system can serve as the example for the efficiency of a Machian science education system. All European countries are invited to test and enculturate these ideas.
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