Low Power Ocean Wave Sensor

Projekter: ProjektForskning

  • Alrøe, Michael (PI)
  • Langhoff, Rasmus Balling (Deltager)
  • Kjær, Martin Wohlert (Deltager)
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During this project there has been worked on producing a possible implementation of an embedded low power wave sensor. The project is based upon a proposal by the company EIVA, who has an existing wave sensor design of which they wished to have a low power model of.
The project report contains the procedure for the development of the system and different considerations thereby. This includes specification of the system’s functionality via requirements and software architecture. Additionally, the system’s various modules analysis, design and implementation are also described.
The project development resulted in an analysis of different platforms which can be used to implement the low power wave sensor, and the preliminary foundation for porting the software. During the project development, several challenges were encountered which impacted the proposed solution. Therefore, not all of the projects initial goals were met.
Effektiv start/slut dato27/08/201819/12/2018


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