Long-term maternal adverse Effects of Caesarean Section: Intestinal obstruction, gynecological surgical adverse effects, or bleeding disorders.

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Though numerous studies focused on the impact of a previous cesarean section (CS) on complications in a subsequent pregnancy and birth, only very few studies have investigated whether there are adverse maternal effects other than those related to the woman’s reproductive history.
In this study, we wish to investigate the risk of a number of adverse events among women with a previous CS as compared to women with vaginal delivery: 1. Adherences, bowel or intestinal obstruction after previous CS.
2. Uterine perforation associated with uterine instrumentation (evacuation, hysteroscopy). 3. Hysterectomy-related bladder laceration after previous CS. 4. Abnormal uterine bleeding.
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Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/201401/01/2021


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