Legume Innovation for future agri-food systems

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Producing high-quality and nutritious plant protein in sustainable agri-food systems is a grand challenge in the green transition. Symbiotic nitrogen fixation should be a cornerstone in future agri-food systems, but legume crop development generally lags far behind that of cereals. To address this challenge, N2CROP will nucleate an international hub for legume research and innovation by bringing together expertise in plant genetics, agronomics, crop modelling and molecular nutrition.
The first innovation target will be a “nitrogen engine” legume ideotype to drive both nitrogen input and protein output in agri-food systems. N2CROP activities will focus on generating and translating molecular genetic insight into field use, complementing conventional legume breeding by developing hitherto inaccessible traits.
To address nitrogen input, N2CROP will enhance nitrogen fixation by manipulating the regulation of symbiotic root nodule senescence and deploying rhizobium inoculants tailored to plant genotype and soil characteristics. To enhance protein output, N2CROP will deliver legume seeds with a high content of bioavailable protein by identifying and altering genetic regulators of protein/carbohydrate balance and protein digestibility.
The ambition of N2CROP is to improve both nitrogen input and bioavailable protein content output by ~30% with respect to current commercial cultivars. These large improvements in a short time frame are realistic because they are based on unique resources and scientific insight.
The new ideotype will make legumes more competitive and valuable in mixed cropping systems, which N2CROP will optimise using field trials and crop modelling, allowing the legume nitrogen engine to power crop production in general. N2CROP thus has the potential to transform current agri-food systems, expanding legume cultivation and consumption far beyond what is currently considered possible.
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