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Konservering af grovfoder for god proteinkvalitet

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The project EngProt addresses the challenge of increasing the proportion of domestic and human-inedible protein sources in Norwegian ruminant diets. Presently, silages contribute the major part of the crude protein fraction, but their direct and indirect supply of amino acids that can be absorbed in the small intestine (AAT) is very variable. Cost-efficient measures in forage production that sustain a high silage AAT value will be sought developed in the project, and the basic idea is that highly controlled, restricted fermentation during preservation has a considerable potential in this regard. Previous research has confirmed that crop wilting and/or application of acid additives and salts restrict fermentation and preserve water soluble carbohydrates, prevent proteolysis and improve silage AAT. There are indications that both the fraction of rumen undegraded protein and microbial protein synthesis are affected in situ, but positive responses in milk production remain to be validated. These relationships will be investigated in digesta flow studies and production experiments with high yielding cows. Preservation experiments at laboratory scale will be conducted in order to define targeted fermentation patterns for different crops and to find the best options for controlling fermentation. The findings from the experiments will lastly be inputs to feed optimizing models prescribing diets at differing milk yields and then further analysed in a bio-economic linear
programming model that establishes optimal farming systems and economic rewards of different silage productions regimes. The model also produces outputs that enable an investigation of constraints and environmental consequences of improved silage protein value in the Norwegian dairy milk production sector.
The project is funded by the The Research Council of Norway.
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