Intelligent Control for Sensor Systems

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Name: Intelligent Control for Sensor Systems (IntelliCoSS). This project proposes
an intelligent real-time control system to secure employees safety and reduce
the energy consumption in industrial workspaces. The innovation of IntellECoSS comes
from the design and implementation of a formal domain specific language to combine
data from heterogeneous sensors, mainly gas detection and employees presence estimation, and enable
rigorous automated semantic analysis of data. Such a state knowledge enables to calculate optimal
safety-centric control decisions to actuate the workspace environment to ensure
both optimal working conditions and low energy consumption by regulating ventilation
and heating intelligently. Digital twin technology will form the basis of this project to design actuation models.

Duration:  Feb 2021- Dec 2021

Granted by: Industry4.0 Program funded by Midtjylland Region and The European fund for Regional Development
Effektiv start/slut dato01/02/202131/12/2021

ID: 210231637