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Integrating Plant Ecophysiology and Genetics with Plant-Insect Interactions in Response to Global Change

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The project aims are to understand the role of plant genetics, plant physiology and herbivore interactions for range expansion and invasiveness of plants under global change. The research will be based on a novel model organism – the wetland grass Phragmites – grown in common garden settings in Europe and North America. We aim to understand how plant ecophysiology is linked to plant palatability and defense and how this might be affected by global change. The research will be carried out by an interdisciplinary group of scientist from Europe and the US comprising specialists in plant ecophysiology, genetics, entomology, plant-insect interactions and macroecology. Our goal is to advance the understanding of range-expansion and invasion ecology of plants, the importance of plant-insect interactions, and to develop a conceptual general framework that can help us understand the adaptive evolution of plant ecophysiological traits.
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