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INNOENTRE: Framework for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support in Open Higher Education

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  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • Instituto Politecnico do Porto
  • Sociedade do Conhecimento, Inovação e Organização
  • European Learning Industry Group
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Project domain
Creating entrepreneurial mindsets is a major need, but little is known about how to effectively integrate it into school curricula or not adequately taught beyond compulsory schooling. On the other hand, there are efforts from different stakeholders to intensify E&I education. Entrepreneurship and innovation competitions, shared entrepreneurship courses, and young entrepreneurship societies are all working towards the same goal. What is, lacking, however, are purposeful collaborations and synergies that would allow them to build on what others already have done.
Project objectives
Against this background, the objectives of this project are to:
1. Identify and analyze the lessons learnt from previous efforts on E&I within the partners' networks (i.e., academic programs, research projects, contests, etc.).
2. Adapt and scale existing efforts into a new systems framework for E&I in Open Higher Education that would take into account technical, organizational, pedagogical, legal, and economic aspects and that could be applied and tested in different contexts.
3. Provide a software platform and along with gathered, modified, or produced learning material (e.g., open educational resources, case studies, webinar, etc.) on E&I that would materialize the different dimensions of the proposed framework.
4. Run two pilot rounds applying and testing the proposed systems framework in three sites inside the partnership.
5. Create the opportunities for collaboration and networking among the different target groups, coming from the education, industry, and policy making fields.
6. Create a reference point for future endeavors and be a gathering point for people who are interested in E&I.
The project partnership
The project will bring together leading networks and state-of-the-art domain knowledge from 4 EU countries; namely:
- Aarhus University (AU, DK), a research leading public HEI that has Entrepreneurship Education as a priority.
- Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH, GR), one of the largest universities in Europe with a long experience in EU-funded projects and the technical capacity to lift the technical dimension of the project.
- European Learning Industry Group (ELIG, AT) that represents 52 companies (incl. IBM, Intel, HP, Pearson).
- Instituto Politécnico do Porto (IPP, PT) that coordinated the nationwide PoliEmpreende entrepreneurship contest for 11 years.
- Sociedade do Conhecimento, Inovação, e Organização (SCIO, PT), a young SME with more than a decade of research and work experiences in the field of Open Education.
Starting point
The project will build on recent projects such as PACE (Promoting a Culture of Entrepreneurship) (AU), HoTEL (supporting innovation in Technology Enhanced Learning) (ELIG, SCIO), openEd 2.0 and openSE (open and connected educational approaches) (AUTH, ELIG, SCIO), as well as the PoliEmpreende, a nationwide entrepreneurship contest that runs across all 21 Portuguese Polytechnics for the past 11 years (IPP).
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