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Civic agency and engagement is increasingly becoming a mix of digital- and real-life practices. Two promising areas for the transition into more inclusive, innovative and secure societies in 21st century are the combination of 1.) ubiquitous social technologies including gamelike media and 2.) new wearable field-technologies such as EEG, eye-tracking glasses, personal sensors, and artificially intelligent cameras which now allow scientists to study interaction and cognition in everyday contexts.
This expert group intends to focus on innovative data-driven field-research using newly available technologies to develop mixed methods that allow our fields to converge on the same practice-based settings.
As of writing, we have established an international network to focus on a.) games as a way of facilitating interaction and interest across macro- and microscopic contexts, and/in b.) the formative middle-years of education including high-school and nurse’s/teacher’s colleges.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/11/2012 → …


  • Videregående uddannelse, Ungdomsuddannelse, Computergaming, Forskningsmetode, Human-Robot interaktion, Læreruddannelse, Pædagoguddannelse, Robotter, Samfund/samtid, Teknologiforståelse

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