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Healthcare Equipment Usage and Context Data (HEUCOD) Smart Industry Project

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HEUCOD is an acronym for Healthcare Equipment Usage and Context Data and targets a larger ecosystem of assisted living, telecare, telehealth, and telemedicine standards and products, including internet of things (IoT), connected care sensors, devices, and software. HEUCOD is an industry-driven open standard which fits into this overarching ecosystem making it easy for industry to adhere to common standards for data collection e.g. supplying sensors, services, and user interfaces for citizens and caregivers where adherence to the standard implies that it is easy to combine products from different vendors, and for end-user organizations to setup systematic tracking of the products they have procured, including data on frequency and type of use. For instance, a public home care service organization would want to know how often their rehabilitation equipment is being used, but they could also be interested in understanding whether a new circadian lighting system has an effect on sleep quality and general activity level of their residents. At the same time, the product vendors could be interested in tracking how much their products are being used, and even whether their products need maintenance. All of this is supported by the HEUCOD standard. Furthermore, HEUCOD is an open and free standard, allowing for any embedded sensor gateway extension that communicates with a range of home, care, wellness, and medical devices, and which supplements personal computer applications and web servers and web services. In addition to the standard, HEUCOD supplies an open source reference implementation, which makes it easy for commercial vendors to implement the standard, either using the open source code directly, or using it to build their own dedicated. The project is supported by the EU Regional Fund
Kort titelHEUCOD Smart Industry
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/202031/12/2021


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