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“Health Branding” is a collaboration project funded by the Programme Committee for Food and Health under the Strategic Research Council. “Health Branding” brings together a multidisciplinary team across three universities from Denmark to examine preconditions for successful health food branding.
The core idea of the project is to investigate the role of branding in making healthy food choices. As a point of departure, it is considered that there are two ways on making consumers eating healthier. The first approach is by changing their food choices towards healthy eating. The second is by making products healthier, such as the case of functional food products. Taking into account that consumers use heuristics for simplifying their decision making, brand is considered to be one of the most important ones. Thus, regarding consumers' reluctance to process a lot of information as a barrier, we take point of departure in this very reluctance and investigate how simplified, brand-based choices can be made healthy, while at the same time respecting consumer autonomy and other ethical constraints.
The main objectives of this project will be to:
a) analyse the mechanisms by which food and drink brands can become symbols for health in the mind of the consumer and influence consumer choice towards healthier options
b) analyse the compatibility of managerial and societal interest in health branding, and
c) develop a management model for the implementation of successful health branding.
During the implementation of the project a multi-method approach will be applied, matching the diverse theoretical sources on which it is drawn. A case study research will be used to develop an inventory of health brand histories. An ethnographic research approach will map the use of health symbols in society. Methods from cognitive psychology, especially word association tasks and naming latencies, will be used to study brand associations and brand image. Choice experiments will be used to study how various mixes of parameters affect health brand strength. Finally, conceptual analysis will be employed to study the compatibility of health branding with ethical values relating to health and nutrition.
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