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H2020 REGREEN: REGREEN: Fostering nature-based solutions for equitable, green and healthy urban transitions in Europe and China

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REGREEN is a large international EU project designed to promote urban liveability by fostering nature-based solutions to urban environmental challenges in both Europe and China. It aims to accelerate the transition towards equitable, green and healthy cities through the development of evidence-based mapping, modelling and valuating tools, improved urban governance and promoting educational programs.

I coordinate Work Package 5 on Education, Participation and Awareness. The aim ofthis work package is to develop educational programmes and tools for bringing knowledge, awareness and a sense of individual and collective agency to children, as future creators and custodians of viable Nature-Based Solutions (NBS). In collaboration with schools and municipalities, and drawing on state of the art citizen science programmes, participatory pedagogy, technology for environmental learning, and landscape laboratories, we create innovative, realistic, cost- and learning effective approaches to fostering children’s appreciation, understanding and involvement in local NBS.

WP5's international research team comprises:
- Professor Emeritus Jeppe Læssøe (DPU/AU)
- Post doc Gertrud Lynge Esbensen (DPU/AU)
- Senior researchers Åsa Sang, Fredrika Mårtensson, Marcus Hedblom and Björn Wiström (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU)
- Directeurrice de recherche Anne-Caroline Prevot, Postdoc Mara Sierra-Jimenez, Simon Bénateau, Sebastian Turpín (Centre d'Écologie et des Sciences de la Conservation, MNHN, Paris.
- Bin Zhao, Fudan University, Shanghai, China.

WP5 researchers collaborate with city officials in Velica Gorica (Croatia), Aarhus kommune (Denmark), and Paris Region (Écologue chez IAU île-de-France), as well as with green business partners in Denmark (INTUGREEN), Germany (Olanis) and Croatia (ZEZ).
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