Gynecology: Artificial reproductive techniques (ART) and progression of endometriosis symptoms

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Endometriosis is characterized by ectopic presence of oestrogen dependent endometrial glands and stroma. It is a chronic benign disease affecting up to 10% of all fertile women. 10-25% of these patients require artificial reproductive techniques (ART), which involve increased levels of oestrogen.
This project will investigate if symptoms progress in endometriosis patients undergoing ART. We will compare endometriosis patients in fertility treatment to relevant control groups. Symptoms will be monitored using a questionnaire which includes the validated questionnaire Endometriosis Health Profile 30® (EHP-30®). Worsening of endometriosis symptoms during fertility treatment may result in cessation of ART, surgery and risk of complications according to the symptom-guided approach to treatment.
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