Guiding The Way To Excellence - Successful talent development environments in medical education and elite sport.

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The study explores and compares successful talent development environments in medical education and elite sport. Based on the hypothesis that institutional conditions and restrictions are more similar than dissimilar across successful talent development environments regardless of their social fields, our aim is to identify the point in time at which transfer of best practice and recommendations for talent development across different domains is possible considering the uniqueness of the domains. The study is designed as a comparative case study including in-depth analysis of three cases: 1) a surgical talent development in medical education, 2) a doctoral education talent development environment at a Danish University Hospital, and 3) an elite sport talent development environment in individual sport. The expected outcomes are 1) a range of powerful identification strategies and instruments, 2) a prioritized list of features characterizing successful pathways to excellence, and 3) an overview of significant career transition resources and barriers, and recommend best practices regarding career guidance.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/07/201330/09/2017


  • Talentudviklingsmiljø
  • Ph.d.-vejledning
  • Talentidentifikation
  • Forskeruddannelse
  • Elitesport
  • Komparative studier


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