Guided Injection Remediation (GIRem )

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Cleaning up contaminated industrial sites such as gas stations and factories is an extremely expensive task. Excavation and transportation for off-site treatment enforces a shutdown and removal of the operations at the site. It is thus advantageous to use in-situ remediation as a method for cleaning up. Injection remediation is one such in-situ method. It requires injection of large amounts of remediation products in the entire contaminated volume. The remediation products contains chemicals and bacteria selected for their ability to break down the contamination at the specific site. At present, the distribution of the remediation products cannot be assessed during the injection. To ensure complete coverage, more remediation products than actually needed are therefore injected at increased cost. The aim of GIRem is to develop a cross-borehole DCIP based real-time monitoring tool that can guide the injection process and ensure complete coverage of the contaminated volume using the right amount of remediation products.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/07/201831/12/2022


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