Global learning spaces: understanding learning in global work

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  • Maslo, Elina (Deltager)
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‘Global learning spaces: understanding learning in global work’ is a new research project that starts in February 2018 as one of the joint activities in Research Network 2 on Workplace Learning of ASEM LLL Hub. In this network, excellent transnational, transcultural and plurilingual cooperation has been established since 2008, and several joint studies have been conducted. While focusing on the comparative aspects of research in workplaces as learning spaces in Asia and Europe, we reflected a lot on the nature of transcultural plurilingual research. The project will take account of the fact that global work exists across multiple cultural, spatial and temporal boundaries either physically (through travel and/or location) or virtually (via technology). We will study how globalisation of work changes the ways in which people experience their work and learning.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/03/201802/03/2020


  • læring, læring på arbejde, læring og identitet, learning space, læringsrum, transformative læringsrum, globalisering, migration, flersproget forskningsproces, sprog som ressource, sproglig diversitet, interkulturel kommunikation, empirisk forskning, transnationel forskning, tværfaglig forskning, kvalitativ forskning

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