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Forøget energiudbytte og nye grønne produkter fra biogasanlæg

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  • Advanced Substrate Technologies
  • Hedegaard A/S
  • Rokkedahl Landbrug A/S
  • Danmarks Kvægforskningscenter
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Demonstrating that the effect of using pre-treated low valuable biomasses is an improved capacity of any given biogas plant by demonstrating that the pre-treatment provides the same amount of methane gas in just 17 days compared with normally 30 days without pre-treatment.

Demonstrating that in 30 days the combined pre-treatment effect gives an extra methane gas yield of +60% compared to a regular cutting and digesting process.
Project description
Biogas plants are unable to convert large portions of the biomass they are treating to energy, which means that up to 40% of the energy in the biomass cannot be utilized. Further, the nutrients (e.g. N, P, K, S) from the biomass are often problematic residual products and are therefore considered waste instead of valuable products (e.g. fertilizer and fuel). Advanced Substrate Technologies has patented a set of innovations that enable a complete Circular Bio- Economic Partnership (CBEP), increasing the plant efficiency and gas yield by up to 50% and making all the byproducts from a biogas plant a source of income.

This set of innovations also broadens the scope of substrates that can be treated in biogas plants: from manure, food and household wastes to also include bigger portions of deep litter, poultry litter, horse manure, straw, grass and other complicated, low-value biomasses. This makes biogas plants more flexible and with better economies. In the future, the circular bio-economic partnership can produce both green protein, animal feed, substrates / growth media, bio-fertilizers, bio-fuel, organic biogas and/or biogas substrate. The project will implement the testing, demonstration and running of these innovations including energy efficiency in transport and use of surplus heat in CBEP.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/202131/12/2023


  • biomasse, biogas, grønt protein, foder, energiudbytte

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