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Flooding Impacts on NAture and farmland

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The city of Vejle at the East coast of Jutland (Denmark) is, due to its geography, prone to flooding from stormwater, rising sea level and high groundwater levels. To prevent flooding in the center of Vejle it is necessary to delay water upstream. The river Grejs Å enters Vejle city from the north and has a large catchment area, a very steep water profile leading through a very narrow river valley. Estimations indicate that to prevent a 100-year flooding event in Vejle city, it is necessary to delay a substantial amount of water in the order of 170,000m3 up-stream the town of Vejle, or alternatively make substantial and costly measures to adapt within the city of Vejle.

The catchment area of Grejs Å consists of both farmland, forests and unique nature areas. To find areas that are capable of retaining and delaying 170,000m3 water during storm water events, both farmland and nature areas may need to be taken into account. The large Grejs Å valley is protected under EU Natura 2000 in addition to a protection of the landscape values. These nature areas could only be integrated in climate adaptation projects if there are no alternative possibilities.

FINA was a 1-year project led by Vejle Municipality, funded by ClimateKIC, which sought to develop a road map for taking informed decisions on adapting the urban centre from extreme riverine flood events by making use of Nature Based Solutions (NBS) taking into account impacts of flooding nature (Department of Bioscience, AU) as well as impacts for society and policy instruments (Department of Environmental Science).

Department of Bioscience, AU, analysed the area, explored literature covering the possible effects of various flooding scenarios on protected habitat types, and identified knowledge gaps and needed data for future modelling of impacts of flooding nature habitats.

Department of Environmental Science, AU, developed the concept for considering the different values at stake; gave an overview of how to assess these values and conducted a literature review of well-known and more recent policy instruments that could be taken into account locally and regionally to enhance the absorption capacity of upstream landscapes in a cost-effective way.
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