Finding Endometriosis using Machine Learning

  • Kirk, Ulrik Bak (PI)
  • Nielsen, Ole Bækgaard (Bevillingshaver)
  • Nyegaard, Mette (CoPI)
  • Rytter, Dorte (CoPI)
  • Hansen, Karina Ejgaard (Deltager)
  • Forman, Axel (Deltager)
  • Horne, Andrew W (Deltager)
  • Saunders, Philippa T (Deltager)
  • Saraswat, Lucky (Deltager)
  • Bokor, Attila (Deltager)
  • Barko, Boglarka (Deltager)
  • Zondervan, Krina T. (Deltager)
  • Becker, Christian M. (Deltager)
  • Rahmioglu, Nilufer (Deltager)
  • Bourdel, Nicolas (Deltager)
  • Rémy, Benjamin (Deltager)
  • Bliznuks, Dmitrijs (Deltager)
  • Meijer, Sebastiaan (Deltager)
  • Raghothama, Jayanth (Deltager)
  • Sales da Silva, Bruno (Deltager)
  • Møller, Gert Lykke (Deltager)
  • Sziráczki, Norbert (Deltager)
  • Goethe, Ole (Deltager)
  • Djokic, Katarina (Deltager)
  • Todic, Nemanja (Deltager)
  • Salamon, Adrienn (Deltager)
  • Andersen, Anna Melgaard Vinther (Deltager)
  • Nielsen, Liv Juul (Deltager)

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The framework 'P4 Medicine' (predictive, preventative, personalized, participatory) was developed to detect and prevent disease through close monitoring, deep statistical analysis, biomarker testing, and patient health coaching to best use the limited healthcare resources and produce maximum benefit for all patients. However, we have seen only few feasible examples over the past 10 years.

The Finding Endometriosis using Machine Learning (FEMaLe) project will revitalise the concept to develop and demonstrate the Scalable Multi-Omics Platform (SMOP) that converts multi-omic person population datasets into a personalised predictive model to improve intervention along the continuum of care for people with endometriosis.

SMOP will be based on open protocol, embedded in all ethical and legal frameworks, to enable tailored and personalised usage to improve the lives of patients across Europe beyond the project period.


We will rely on participatory processes, advanced computer sciences, state-of-the-art technologies, and patient-shared data to deliver:

1) mobile health app for people with endometriosis,

2) three clinical decision support (CDS) tools for targeted healthcare providers (risk stratification tool for general practitioners, multi-marker signature tool for gynaecologists, and non-invasive diagnostic tool for radiologist), and

3) computer vision-based software tool for real time augmented reality guided surgery of endometriosis.

Health maintenance organisations (HMO) expect to be able to reduce overall cost of treatment by at least 20%, while improving patient outcomes, using CDS tools.


We will design, validate and implement a comprehensive model for the detection and management of people with endometriosis to facilitate shared decision making between the patient and the healthcare provider, enable the delivery of precision medicine, and drive new discoveries in endometriosis treatment to deliver novel therapies and improve quality of life for patients.
Kort titelFEMaLe
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/202131/12/2024


  • Horizon 2020 - EU: 44.581.000,00 kr.


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