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The aim of the project was to develop methods for improving the performance of welded high-strength
steels (yield strength of 700 and 960 MPa) at thicknesses of 5-20 mm for use in fatigue-loaded welded
I proposed one approach to fatigue assessment for HFMI-improved joints. I presented a yield strength
correction procedure which relates with the material yield strength and I verified it based on the
constant amplitude R = 0.1 axial fatigue data. I proposed design recommendations by stress analysis
methods based on the nominal stress, the structural hot spots tress and the effective notch stress.
Further I showed that all the proposed design recommendations in this study are conservative with
respect to available fatigue test data.

Funding: 1.800/300.000 Euro
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/201031/12/2013

ID: 145465587