The vision of EUP AH&W is to provide society with a sustainable livestock production sector where infectious animal diseases are prevented and controlled with appropriate means,
antimicrobials are used prudently, and animal welfare is respected in every phase of the production process, until death.’
Due to the close link between animal health, animal welfare and human well-being, the
One Health-One Welfare perspective will take a prominent place in the EUP AH&W.

AU is responsible for Work Package 3: Joint Initiatives & Integration, which includes coordinating 17 Set of Activities (SOA's):
SOA6: A European wildlife network for terrestrial and aquatic mammal and birds
SOA7: Wildlife and diseases of aquatic organisms: A European perspective
SOA8: Surveillance of pathogens of veterinary importance and their antimicrobial resistance profiles
SOA9: Knowledge platform in the EU to collect, analyse, share and use integrated scientific and technical data on AW
SOA10: Rapid Risk Assessment: Improvement of epidemic intelligence methodologies
SOA11: KNOW-PATH-Knowledge on priority pathogens, infectious diseases and their detection methods
SOA12: BETO-Better tools for diagnosis of infectious diseases
SOA13: Assessment of positive welfare; defining animal-based measures
SOA14: Improved assessment of consciousness and death
SOA15: Biosecurity measures to prevent and control AID on farm and during transport taking into account effects on AW
SOA16: Reinforcement of animal resilience
SOA17: Sustainability aspects of AW - promoting livestock systems
SOA18: Pathogen-microbiome interactions, immune system & mechanisms of AMR
SOA19: Development of new antimicrobial and antiparasitic compounds and of tools for assessing their efficacy and safety
SOA20: Study the role of the immune system of farm animals
SOA21: Develop tools such as vaccine platforms and expression systems, immunological toolboxes and delivery system
SOA22: Assess the economic and societal burden of selected priority diseases and production diseases

Besides AU is directly involved in the scientific activities in:
SOA9 (Mogens Agerbo Krogh), SOA13 (Margit Bak Jensen), SOA14 (Mette S. Herskin), SOA15 (Peter Thomsen), SOA17 (Lene Juul Pedersen), SOA18 (Ole Højberg), SOA19 (Nuria Canibe), SOA20 (Tina Sørensen Dalgaard), SOA21 (Tina Sørensen Dalgaard) and SOA22 (Søren Østergaard).
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