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EU-IoT work towards the development of a sustainable and competitive Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem across the European landscape. The aim is to lower the barriers for adoption and development of IoT-empowered solutions as well as to increase the trust in and acceptance of human-centered IoT technology created in Europe.

The European Commission supports the EU-IoT and actively cooperates with industry, organisations and academic institutions to unleash the potential of the IoT technology across EU Member States and beyond. To carry out the EU-IoT project, the commission has set up a strong consortium consisting of Martel (CH), Intrasoft (LU), Bluspecs (ES), Fortiss (GE) and Aarhus University (DK).

In order to growth the European IoT ecosystem, EU-IoT strives to foster and accelerate business models, innovation activities and skill building, by documenting and sharing European IoT success stories. This, to engage, inspire and educate users and providers of IoT-empowered solutions, thereby lowering the barriers for adoption and development.

Aarhus University leads the documentation of success stories, and therefore seeks enterprises with remarkable IoT use cases, which are interested in representing best practice in the European landscape.
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