Establishing Public Private Partnership - challenges of public procurement law. PhD thesis

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  • Andrecka, Marta (Deltager)
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Currently working on my thesis which focuses on the relationship between the formation and operation of a public/private partnership (PPP) and public procurement law. The main aims of the research are to identify and analyse the relevant challenges, the legal barriers impeding the application of public procurement law to the public private/partnership construction. These are legal barriers which are hindering the development and use of PPPs. The research aims to assess whether the current provisions provide a sufficient and suitable framework for safeguarding and developing PPPs.
The analysis will lead to suggestions as to what is or would be the optimal legal regulation for managing PPPs in the context of public procurement provisions. An issue in the research is the ascertainment of whether PPPs and their organisation can be characterised as a purchasing contract or a concession, and whether the competitive procurement procedure dialogue is a sufficient tool to solve the problem of non-adaptability of public procurement law to the construction of the public/private partnership.
The project involves legal research based on public international law. Dogmatic and normative legal methods will be applied in combination with a case-based comparative method of European Union and Australia.
AkronymPhD project
Effektiv start/slut dato31/08/201030/08/2013


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