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EEA/ETC: Urban Adaptation to Climate Change in Europe 2020

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The EEA report 'Urban adaptation to climate change in Europe 2020 aims to present the status quo of urban adaptation to climate change in Europe and to highlight the opportunities for policy and action to progress adaptation. Objectives include i) exploring the vulnerability and exposure of European cities to climate-related hazards; ii) identifying how cities are affected by climate-related risks and how are they responding to them in policy and practice; iii) understanding the evolving role of international, EU, national and sub-national governance in progressing adaptation at the urban level; iv) taking stock of the adaptation planning and action in European towns and cities; and v) identifying barriers and opportunities to adaptation and ways to address them. The study is carried out as part of the European Topic Centre for Climate Change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation (ETC/CCA) 2019-2021.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/201931/12/2019

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