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Economic Models and Adaptation Strategies: The Northern Black Sea in the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age

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The project ‘Economic Models and Adaptation Strategies in a Varying Cultural and Environmental Context: the Northern Black Sea in the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age‘ (EMAS) is a research project hosted by the Institute of Anthropology, Archaeology and Linguistics at the University of Aarhus, Denmark.

The project was initiated in the spring of 2010 and is funded by The Danish Council for Independent Research | Humanities (FKK). Additional funding was granted by the Faculty of Humanities, University of Aarhus.

The project aims to investigate differences in the economic strategies employed by the ancient population in the northern Black Sea area as well as to understand how these economic survival strategies developed and adapted to environmental and cultural changes. On the basis of previous as well as newly accuired data, the project furthermore aims at understanding the demographic, socio-economic and environmental factors which caused major changes in the settlement patterns and modes of production throughout the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age in the northern Black Sea area.
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