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Drivers of Eco-Innovation and the Development of Sustainable Supply Chains in the Food Industry - an exploratory study

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  • de Barcellos, Marcia Dutra (Projektkoordinator)
  • Grunert, Klaus G (Deltager)
  • Krystallis Krontalis, Athanasios (Deltager)
  • Bossle, Marilia Bonzanini (Deltager)
  • Post Graduate Programme in Business Administration (PPGAd)
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Eco-innovation is dynamic and dependent on internal and external factors to the firm. To successfully innovate, the firm usually needs to combine different types of knowledge, skills, abilities and resources (Fagerberg , 2005). Sustainable supply chain management is the management of material, information and capital flows as well as cooperation among companies along the supply chain while taking goals from all three dimensions of sustainable development, i.e., economic, environmental and social, into account which are derived from customer and stakeholders’ requirements (Seuring and Müller, 2008).
Therefore, in this project, we aim to investigate:
How do firms with sustainability goals develop eco-innovations throughout their supply chains?
Does the exploitation of eco-innovations help food chains to achieve a better performance?
Which capabilities are relevant for sustainable supply chain management in the food industry?
Interviews will be conducted with food companies to undercover these aspects.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/12/201531/03/2016

ID: 129038309