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The DISTRESS trial (Diagnostic Intervention in Secondary care Targeting patients Referred for Evaluation of bodily Stress Symptoms) is a pragmatic single-center randomized controlled trial which aims to evaluate a new diagnostic intervention for patients suspected of suffering from a functional disorder. The project is based at the University Research Clinic for Innovative Patient Pathways at Silkeborg Hospital in collaboration with the Center for Functional Disorders at Aarhus University Hospital. We hypothesize that by accelerating the diagnosis, along with management guidance for the GPs, the new clinic may help patients and enable GPs as well as the healthcare system to better manage patients with functional disorders. In this trial, we aim to evaluate the diagnostic intervention according to the cost (direct and indirect), effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the intervention. Furthermore, we shall systematically study the implementation of the novel diagnostic intervention.

This Research is supported by a DKK 4M grant from the TRYG Foundation.


Specifically, we aim to evaluate the intervention through three research questions:
I. Pilot study: In the pilot study, we aim to investigate the feasibility of the intervention as well as the feasibility of running the clinic as a clinical trial.
II. Effectiveness, cost and cost-effectiveness study: We aim to evaluate the effectiveness in terms of health-related utility improvement for the patients as well as the healthcare and societal costs and cost-effectiveness of the clinic.
III. Implementation study: We aim to evaluate a range of implementation outcomes of the new clinic, including Reach, Effectiveness, Adoption, Implementation and Maintenance.
Kort titelDISTRESS Trial
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