Diet and prevention of ischemic heart disease: a translational approach

  • Overvad, Kim (Bevillingshaver)
  • Jakobsen, Marianne Uhre (Deltager)
  • Dahm, Christina C. (Deltager)
  • Würtz, Anne Mette Lund (Deltager)
  • Hansen, Mette Damborg (Deltager)
  • Hansen, Camilla Plambeck (Deltager)
  • Jensen, Susanne (Projektkoordinator)
  • Tetens, Inge (Samarbejdspartner)
  • Hoppe, Camilla (Samarbejdspartner)
  • Arentoft, Johanne Louise (Samarbejdspartner)
  • Lauritzen, Lotte (Samarbejdspartner)
  • Kristensen, Mette (Samarbejdspartner)
  • Willett, Walter (Samarbejdspartner)
  • Rimm, Eric (Samarbejdspartner)
  • Bertoia, Monica (Samarbejdspartner)

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Ischemic heart disease is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality. Diet has been suggested to be an important risk factor in the development of ischemic heart disease. However, the influence of diet on health remains uncertain.

Today’s diet-related health problems mainly result from over-nutrition and nutritional imbalances. Contrary to previous studies, this project will focus on the qualitative composition of diet. On the basis of existing Danish, European and American data, we will study dietary patterns and substitution of energy-providing foods and macronutrients.

Further, we will provide proposals for new food-based dietary guidelines. The effect of the new dietary guidelines on the general population will be compared with the effect of the current official national dietary guidelines. This project will contribute to prevention of ischemic heart disease by supporting the development and implementation of food-based dietary guidelines.

The methodology and results of this project may be applied to similar research in relation to other major public diseases. Society will benefit from a decrease in morbidity, an increase in life expectancy and a reduction in healthcare expenditure relating to expensive – and often lifelong - treatment of patients.

Moreover, the project will offer the Danish food industry new opportunities for innovation and marketing of competitive, healthy products in Denmark and internationally.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/201231/12/2015


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