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Design Ethnographic Living Labs for Future Urban Mobility - A Human Approach

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  • Fors, Vaike (PI)
  • Smith, Rachel Charlotte (Samarbejdspartner)
  • Pink, Sarah (Samarbejdspartner)
  • Lund, Jesper (Deltager)
  • Raats, Kaspar (Deltager)
  • Ebbesson, Esbjörn (Deltager)
  • Osz, Katalin (Deltager)
  • Brodersen, Meike (Deltager)
  • Lutz, Peter (Deltager)
  • Emerging Technologies Lab, Monash University
  • Volvo Cars
  • Halmstad University
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The AHA II project addresses key urban planning challenges around the research and design of future mobility services (MaaS) that target transport of people and goods the first and last mile in urban areas. Based on results from the AHA proof-of-concept project, AHA II will innovate and use a participatory and co-creative Living Lab methodology to involve communities and citizens in the design of a digital mobility service based on social values and integrated city use, and will create a concept for Mobility Hubs from a human-centred perspective. In this way, the project will deliver a genuine and transferable human-centred approach to exploring and designing realistic future scenarios, prototypes and concepts of MaaS digital services and how it can be integrated into city planning. The project will provide a platform with the capability to implement a growing number of strategic Drive Sweden projects that target Drive Sweden’s themes Society Planning and Public Engagement.
AkronymAHA II
Effektiv start/slut dato01/10/201931/12/2022




  • Halmstad University

    Aktivitet: Besøg på en ekstern institution - typerBesøg ved en ekstern, akademisk institution



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