Decision Support Tool for management of the Baltic Sea Ecosystem

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Successful environmental management relies on an enormous amount of complex information that is processed further to interpret or predict potential changes and responses. A number of decision support tools (DST) have already been developed to support this process. The aim of BONUS DESTONY is to evaluate these tools and propose the direction of further development.

Decision support tools represent various compartments from the pressure-state-impact-response -chain of actions, cover a wide field of disciplines, and vary in the degree of their availability and use – all these properties characterize them as well as enable investigating their successfulness. BONUS DESTONY will develop definitions and criteria to help evaluate the performance of DST. Furthermore, the tools will be analyzed against the current and anticipated future needs. Finally, an internet-based catalogue will be created as an information base.

A common feature to successful DST is that they are developed in close collaboration with end-users, or even by end-users themselves, and constantly updated along with increasing knowledge or changing requirements. BONUS DESTONY has gathered together a core group of end-users to be interactively involved in the project implementation.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/10/201829/05/2020


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