Data baseret optimering af bæredygtig dansk fødevareproduktion

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The traditional food supply of imported vegetables both from the field and protected cultivation is under pressure, among other things, due to changes in the climate conditions in Southern Europe. In the spring of 2023, the supermarkets had relatively large problems in procuring more of the green products and in Denmark the drought was affecting the production. With the expected climate changes, these challenges with will become even greater. The production of fresh greens is challenged as the current production systems as the use of pesticides, nutrient and water use due to unfavorable climate. Thus, there is a need to develop both effective
systems for greenhouses but also to include some of the traditional field vegetable crops in greenhouse production. To improve the greenhouse productivity there is a need to develop a data driven approach to reduce energy use, yield and at the same time reduce food waste.

Climate change is a challenge for security of supply, but is also an opportunity to increase the Danish production of healthy, green, tasty food by an effort to improve the control of climate and production using state of art sensors and utilize diode light (LED) that can help to promote the quality and taste of the crops, especially in the darkest part of the year combined with development of new crop types – altogether securing fresh locally produced fresh greens with as low environmental impact as possible.
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