Dansk mousserende vin og cider i forhold til sensorisk unikhed og identitet på fremspirende internationale markeder

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In this PhD project, Danish sparkling wines and ciders from different grape and apple varieties, regions and harvest time will be investigated for their taste and aroma active components. Sensory and chemical profiles of the sparkling beverages will be evaluated and related to different fermentation strategies with different yeast strains and starter cultures. From human perception perspective descriptive sensory analysis; of sparkling wines using trained sensory panels and sensory evaluation booths will be central. Uniqueness investigation with respect to Danish terrior for sparkling wines and ciders, will be determined using additional sensory parameters such as conceptualisation and emotion. Cross-cultural investigations will also be key with the integration of analysis involving consumers to understand Danish product behaviour in Chinese contexts. Moreover, analysis of volatile components in sparkling wines by gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS) using dynamic headspace (DHS) and solid phase microextraction (SPME) will be used. With multivariate data analysis methods for linking flavour perception to instrumental measurements and sensory results. One of the main outcomes of the present project will be the elucidation of specific flavour compounds responsible for sensory quality and their development in the wines made by a particular fruit variety or a yeast strain. In addition, a combination of sensory analysis and aroma compound detection will be used to identify the aroma characteristics of Danish sparkling drinks, using multivariate analysis by PCA and PLS to correlate data sets.
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