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  • Adamsen, Janne B Funch (Deltager)
  • Villemoes, Klaus (Deltager)
  • Pedersen, Anette Møjbæk (Deltager)
  • Kristensen, Ruth (Deltager)
  • Liu, Ying (Deltager)
  • Li, Rong (Deltager)
  • Callesen, Henrik (Deltager)
  • Nykjaer, Anders (Deltager)
  • Bentzon, Jacob (Deltager)
  • Jørgensen, Arne Lun (Deltager)
  • Jakobsen, Jannik (Deltager)
  • Sørensen, Charlotte Brandt (Deltager)
  • Luo, Yonglun (Deltager)
  • Bolund, Lars (Deltager)
  • Pedersen, Orla Grøn (Deltager)
  • AU Health
  • PixieGene
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Minipigs are valuable models for medical research because of their anatomical, physiological and genetical similarities to humans. With the transgenic technologies offered by DAGMAR, it will be possible to create a range of new disease models for preclinical research in diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.
Genetically modified minipigs are created by genetic design in cell culture, somatic cell nuclear transfer and transfer to sow recipients. The technique consists of the following steps (see description here).
• Somatic cells are made transgenic with the gene of interest.
• The transgenic cells are made into transgenic embryos using the SCNT-technique (“cloning”).
• The transgenic, cloned embryos are transferred into surrogate mothers (sow recipients) to establish pregnancies.
• The transgenic, cloned piglets are born.
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