Danish Cancer Society National Research Centre for survivorship and late adverse effects following pelvic organ cancer

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Late adverse effects to treatment of cancer in the pelvic organs are extremely common and usually affect more than one organ. Our vision is to establish the national research centre:“Danish Cancer Society Centre for Research on Survivorship and Late Adverse Effects after Cancer in the Pelvic Organs”. This will be accomplished in a national setting in collaboration with the cancer specific Danish Multidisciplinary Cancer Groups (DMCGs), and involving the foremost international experts within the field.
a) At a national level, we will begin prospective smart data collection on severity and clinical management of late adverse effects after treatment of colorectal cancer,
b) large national cross-sectional studies will be launched to expand the very limited knowledge of the nature, frequency and impact of late gastrointestinal and female sexual dysfunction to urological and gynaecological cancers,
c) the complexity of the pathophysiology behind gastrointestinal symptoms will be studied using advanced technology, and d) a series of interventional trials with
direct impact to patients will be initiated.
Through research close to patients and at a high international level, we will create ‘proof of concept’ for multi-disciplinary, research-based clinics treating late adverse effects to treatment of cancers in the pelvic region across organs and specialities.
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