CutDM mealbox: Cut down on carbohydrate in the dietary therapy of type 2 diabetes mellitus - The meal box study

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Type 2 diabetes increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and death by approximately 2-4-fold and is associated with severe morbidity. In Denmark, the costs to society amounted to 4.27 billion EUR in 2011. Compared to the recommended conventional diabetes (CD) diet with a carbohydrate content of 45-60 E%, a CRHP diet has been shown to improve glucose control and key risk factors for cardiovascular disease in patients with T2D. These improvements have been found in other short-term studies, but systematic reviews of studies lasting 1 year, or more, are inconclusive. Recently, carbohydrate reduction in the dietary treatment of T2D is being increasingly recognized as an option to achieve improvements in glucose control, which prompted the American Diabetes Association to include low carbohydrate diets in their latest consensus recommendations published in May of 2019. Still, long-term effects of dietary counseling are debated as the effectiveness of dietary carbohydrate reduction seems to diminish with time, most likely due to lack of dietary adherence. Thus, the feasibility of long-term low-carbohydrate diets has been questioned by health care professionals and authorities alike. The lack of evidence on sustained long-term beneficial effects of carbohydrate-reduction may be the limiting factor for changing diabetes dietary recommendations in Denmark. The present application aims to close this gap by addressing both dietary adherence and long-term effects of a CRHP diet. We will overcome lack of dietary adherence via consumer driven product development, where meal boxes are developed based on the most important determinants to consumers’ experience of satisfaction with food and meals; the sensory and post-ingestive effects. We will recruit patients with T2D and randomize them to one of three groups. One group will be instructed to follow a CRHP diet. The other two groups will be provided with a ready-to-make meal box containing either a CD or a CRHP diet. All groups will receive comprehensive counseling by a dietician to follow their assigned diets. Meal boxes will cover breakfast and dinner. Outcomes will be measured at baseline and following 12 months of dietary intervention. Primary outcome will be medication changes between groups. Secondary outcomes include parameters of metabolic control of diabetes, key risk factors for development of cardiovascular disease, assessment of dietary acceptance, satiety, additional desires and well-being , gut microbiota and liver fat content. Lastly, cost-benefit analyses will be undertaken.
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