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The network addresses the call for sustainable alternative protein for food production. Meat from traditional meat producing animals contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), deforestation, and puts pressure on valuable resources such as land and water. We need more climate friendly alternatives to produce meat, and to achieve this we need groundbreaking enabling technologies. A revolutionary new and promising alternative to the traditional way of producing animal protein is the cultivation of muscle cells outside the living animal in a bioreactor, thus bypassing animal production. Further, the network underpins the call for healthy and tasty food produced in environmentally and socially sustainable way; Meat is a palatable and highly nutritious food, which we need to produce in a more sustainable way, while still securing a high consumer acceptance regarding both production method and taste. Culturing of cell-based meat has the potential to be sustainable in terms of GHG emission, water and land; when energy use is delivered by a sustainable source.
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