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  • FamilieForSK-studien, Folkehelseinstituttet
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Project management: Norwegian institute on Public Health: FamilyForSK-studies.
The aim of CoV-clusion is to improve services’ proactive efforts and make the society better prepared for future crises by providing knowledge about how family vulnerability is linked to inclusion and exclusion processes before, during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. Carrying out the project within a Norwegian welfare context makes the knowledge particularly useful for Norwegian and Nordic professionals and policy makers. CoV-clusion will focus on services providing support and mental health care for children and families in Norway, including Family counselling centres (FCC), the child protective services (CPS) and child and adolescent mental health outpatient clinics (BUP). Thus, the primary users of knowledge from CoV-clusion will be these support and mental health services (hereafter mentioned as SMH-services), schools, childcare and teachers, and policy makers involved in the planning and organization of these services. Families in need of these services are considered secondary users.
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