CONTACT. The Pitted Ware Phenomenon in Djursland and Maritime Relations Across the Kattegat in the Middle Neolithic

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  • Philippsen, Bente, (Deltager)
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Participation in international research project CONTACT, directed by Lutz Klassen, Museum Østjylland.
Participating organisations: Aarhus Universitet, Københavns Universitet, Moesgård Museum (Denmark), Göteborgs Universitet, Bohusläns Museum, Kontoret för Keramiska Studier, LJ-Osteology (Sweden), Universitetet i Oslo – Kulturhistorisk Museum (Norway), Universität Kiel (Germany)
The emergence of Pitted Ware societies in northeastern Jutland was the result of direct or indirect contact between eastern Swedish seal-hunters and early agricultural Funnel Beaker groups in Den-mark during the first half of the 3rd millennium BC. This project sets out to investigate this process by detailed analyses of unique settlements and ritual sites with well-preserved organic remains from Djursland. The main focus will be on stable and Sr-isotope analyses of human and animal bone, 14C-datings as well as archaeological, physical and chemical studies of pottery and flint. Work will be carried out in an international collaboration among numerous research institutions. The goal is a reconsideration of the nature of the Pitted Ware societies in Djursland and especially their contacts across the Kattegat. This project hopes to achieve a new understanding of a period of profound change in the Scandinavian Neolithic that included a process of ethnic self-distinction.
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