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Consumer acceptance and trust: recommendations for using health-related claims in marketing

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The objective is to create openings for discussions among actors in food chain about using healthrelated claims in products and in marketing. The results of consumer studies, national and Nordic workshops will be made available to all actors in food chain in order to promote shared understanding among actors and to create a platform for open discussion. The project will open a website where all finalised material can be viewed and information can be downloaded.
The overview of existing practices and new EUlegislation will be gathered into a project report. Based on this report the results will be reported in professional journals and events in Nordic countries.
The results of the consumer study will be utilised in project workshops. They will also be reported in professional journals in all participating countries. The results will be published in scientific peerreviewed journals in order to have scientific verification for the results.
The project will produce five documents on national viewpoints about using healthrelated claims in marketing based on workshops that discuss the existing practices, legislative demands and consumer expectations revealed by crossNordic studies. These documents will
be published in the project website and short manuscripts will be produced for journals and magazines that are aimed at professionals in food chain (authorities, consumer organisations, health professionals, food industry, retailers).
The shared Nordic workshop results and recommendations based on the workshop will be distributed in the same manner as the national workshop results.
The main objective of the project is to develop a shared Nordic view among stakeholders on how health claims should be used in marketing functional products. The aim is to map the existing practices, study consumer understanding of claims and based on consumer results build a consensus among Nordic stakeholders in a set of workshops.
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